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Curriculum Vitae

Master of Energy and Environmental Management at Europa-Universität Flensburg

Bachelor of Environmental Engineering at Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Amberg-Weiden

Krones AG

Student employee at the department of process engineering. Building 3-D Modell of a new experimental, industrial bottle washer. Making technical drawings, parts lists and plausibility checks.

Stadtwerke Flensburg

Student employee at the planning office. Making technical documentations, P&I diagrams and site plans of a new gas plant and of the conversion of existing infrastructure.

Institut für Energietechnik

Student assistant at assembling a photovoltaic unit for demonstration purposes. Unit consists of power producer, power consumer and a variable connection. Meassurements of the beahaviour of fuel injection of the Common-Rail-Technology at an engine test bench.

Glasgow Caledonian University

Intern at the School of the Built and Natural Environment. Assistance to the PILLS-Project of the European Union (PILLS = Pharmaceutical Input and Elimination from Local Sources). Responsible for water sampling, chemical conditioning, water analysis and evaluation.


Driver of a rickshaw. Transportation of persons with a bicycle in Munich.

Voluntary service at Kirchentag Stuttgart: Management of the food supply.

Adventure trip through Namibia, Sambia, Malawi and South Africa


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CO²-Emissions | Sustainability | Energy Consumption | Future Development


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Yield Prognoses

WindPRO | WAsP | Windfarmer | Windturbines | Shadowing | Yield

Solar Cooling

Sorption Chilling Processes | Conventional Chilling Processes | Thermodynamics

Modeling with R

Climate Change | Energy Roadmap 2050 | R | renpass

Trading Energy

Oil | Coal | Gas | Electricity | Emission Trading (Kyoto and EU ETS)


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